Dody Johnson












"Dody Johnson has written a remarkable account of a woman "awakening" to a radical revision of her own life.  A flood of memories triggered by a phrase arising out of nowhere challenged Johnson's conception of her childhood and of the 45 years she lived in a protective bubble of forgetting.  This memoir depicts the powerful rupture caused by childhood abuse and the mysterious phenomenon of "the fugue state" as a mechanism of survival.  Johnson's straightforward and disarming account of recovering disruptive and painful memories testifies to the human capacity for change.  The author's commitment to a life always turning toward the light makes Fugue a story of persistence, forgiveness, and love."                                                                                    Patricia Weaver Francisco 

                                                           Telling: A Memoir of Rape and Recovery


"This is an eye-opening story of abuse that no child should have to go through.  Dody tells her courageous story in order that we may become aware of children in need and make a positive difference in their lives."                 Sheriff Rick Duncan

                                                                         Chisago County Sheriff's Office


"Dody Johnson's courage to share her story enables us to tell our own.  Dody's personal experience strongly supports the argument for educating girls and boys to report, and to report immediately, any violations to their bodies.  Perpetrators can then be held accountable either through retributive or restorative justice, whichever is deemed appropriate by the victim's and offender's local community."

                                                                                       Debra M. Ricci, Ph.D.

                                                                             Metropolitan State University


"Beautifully written, this book - A memoir of Dody's life reflects her courage, faith and endurance to move forward in her journey - a victory over abuse."

                                                                                           Loretta J. Anderson

                     Manager of Community Relations & Volunteer Services at Hazelden


"This book is a compelling, thought-provoking memoir.  Dody's honesty in telling her story of survival from childhood abuse offers hope to so many."

                                                                                                   Sheila Murphy

                                               Clinical Director of Women's Services at Hazelden