Dody Johnson


Below are websites that are a wonderful source of information to learn how to protect our children today from sexual abuse.  They will help you if you are a... 

  • Survivor of sexual abuse.
  • Know a survivor of sexual abuse.


      EmpowerSurvivors - Elizabeth Sullivan

                                                  This is a peer support group for men and women

                                                   that were sexually abused.  They meet once

                                                   a week in Stillwater, MN. EmpowerSurvivors also                                                 offers education, counseling, peer to peer groups,                                                 events and an annual conference for survivors of                                                 sexual abuse in Stillwater, MN

      NAASCA         National Association of Adult Survivors      of Child Abuse  -  Bill Murray

                                                   This is a nightly live internet show from Sunday to

                                                    Friday, 7pm - 9pm central time.  Naasca's website

                                                    offers a wealth of national information.  The live

                                                    show is interesting with scheduled guests that you

                                                    can phone in and ask questions.

      Mike Pistorino                  Inspirational Public Speaker,

      Using his voice to change the world.

      Wealth of information on website.

      Peaceful Hearts Foundation   

      Matthew Sandusky

                                              Education and help for sexual abuse.

      Wealth of information on website.

      Here are other websites to check out from my Home page 


      Darkness to Light 

      Stop It Now 



      Call the National Child Abuse Hotline 1.800.422.4453 if you suspect a child is being harmed or neglected. 

          Stattered Trust is a wonderful movie to watch based on a true story.  It will help you to understand better why memories are repressed when a child is sexually abused. 


          I was fortunate that my father admitted to sexually abusing me when I confronted him, and also that my siblings believed me.  This is rare.  Shattered Trust shows what happens in most families. 


          We also learn in this movie how a wonderful law came about that I think most people didn't know existed.