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  Breaking the Silence of Child Sexual Abuse            


August 2011 – Twin Cities, MN – Dody J. Johnnson announces the release of her new book, Fugue, I can’t remember how I got here, published by North Star Press. (978-0-87839-431-9, Trade paperback, 171 p, 6 X 9, $14.95).  It is an eye-opening book that explains how repressed memories and fugue states are used by a little girl to survive her childhood traumas. It also chronicles her fourteen-year adult journey to mental healthiness and forgiveness.


Johnson, who spent most of her childhood years in New York state, moved from Long Island to Cattaraugus, NY, when she was fourteen. She attributes this village fifty miles south of Buffalo to saving her life. She grew up with verbal, physical and sexual abuse and staying alive was not high on her priority list until she encountered this little village. Although the small-town environment and lifestyle was unfamiliar to her, she greatly desired the friendliness, warmth and love she found there.


“This book is a compelling, thought-provoking memoir.  Dody’s honesty in telling her story of survival from childhood abuse offers hope to so many,” says Sheila Murphy, Clinical Director at Hazelden.


Fugue is not about blaming, revenge or getting even.  It’s about understanding that no matter where we came from we can still have a quality life.


Johnson lived to prove that. She is now an activist, advocate, author and public speaker and a role model for healing. She is working to break the silence about and encourage the prevention of child sexual abuse.


For more information about Fugue, or to schedule an interview, please contact Dody Johnson at (651) 216-2439  or email Website: