Dody Johnson

Books to Read to Children

Oh My Gosh!  I found some great books to help educate children about sexual abuse written in a child like manner and are age appropriate.  Share these books with other parents who want to talk to their children about what is not allowed to happen to them.  Let's start being vocal to stop our children's lives from being stolen from them. 

Gorp's Secret An empowering Tale in Pumpernickel Park by Sherri Chessen

   "I've searched for years for material I could use with kids that would be entertaining, but still teach everything they need to know about keeping safe from child abuse.  I found it in Gorp's Secret.  It's brilliant!"


 -Lisa Salo, MSED

               Program Coordinator, First Witness Child Abuse Resource Center, Duluth, MN


Not in Room 204 by Shannon Riggs

    Mrs. Salvador is one tough teacher.  But Regina Lillian Hadwig, a very quiet student, doesn't mind.  she likes the order and discipline Mrs. Salvador expects.

    When Mrs. Salvador reads a book about Stranger Danger, she emphasizes one thing that the person doing the inappropriate touching might not be a stranger at all.  It might be someone a child knows very well.

    Shannon Riggs covers this sensitive topic with compassion and expertise.

For Pre-school - 2nd Grade


Mia's Secret by Peter Ledwon and Marilyn Mets

    "Strong messages can often be delivered in gentle stories...This book offers reassurance and a way out to any child who has experienced or will experience childhood sexual abuse.  If read in conjunction with a frank but age-appropriate discussion, this book might offer an ounce of prevention or equip children with the language to discuss their own conerns."                            -Today's Parent Toronto

For ages 4 - 8



Please Tell! by Jessie Ottenweller

    Nine year old Jessie's words and illustrations help other sexually abused children know that they're not alone, that it's OK to talk about their feelings, and that the abuse wasn't their fault.  Reaching out to other children in a way that no adult can, Jessie's words carry the message, "It's o.k. to tell; help can come when you tell."  Please Tell! is an excellent tool for therapist, counselors, child protection workers, teachers, and parents dealing with children affected by sexual abuse.  Jessie's story adds a sense of hope for what should be, and the knowledge that the child protection system can work for children.  Simple, direct, and from the heart, Jessie gives children the permission and the courage to deal with sexual abue.


My Body Belongs To Me by Jill Starishevsky

    Geared toward children ages 3 - 10, it tells the story of a child who is touched by an uncle's friend and tells a parent.  Children will respond to the rhyming text and bright illustrations.  Parents and educators will find it a vital tool to initiate a lifesaving dialogue.


"...In only 19 sentences, this simple book will empower children while promoting open communication."                                                                                - School Library Journal


"Finally, a book that explains to children in a clear, understandable way what child sexual abuse is, why it's not their fault and why it is critical to tell an adult when it happens."

                                                     - Ross Ellis, Founder and CEO, Love Our Children, USA