Dody Johnson


The third edition of my book Fugue, is now available on Amazon or through me.  The price is 12.95 plus S&H. Kindle version is also available.  If you have read Fugue, and you want to endorse it, please give a review on Amazon.  Thank you!

I wrote the first Fugue (published in 2011) for my own healing from childhood trauma. The second Fugue (published in 2015) I wrote to encourage others to begin their healing from childhood trauma.  The third edition (my favorite) came out in September of 2016. 


We came into this world perfect and then something bad happened. We can go back and capture the person God intended us to be when He made us. It’s because of the violence we endured as children, we are able to receive a quality life in our adulthood.


Fugue is about growing up in a violent home where most nights there was more food on the ceiling than on our plates.  I was raised with verbal, physical and sexual abuse.  I would not have survived without my older brother Artie.  He and I talked in secret for years about how wonderful life was going to be when we moved out.

My dreams of leaving home helped me until I left.  Growing up in my environment prepared me to live my life in a state of confusion that I worked hard to keep a secret.  I never found home no matter how many times I moved and I never found someone to love me no matter how many times I married until one day I heard a voice from my past and I listened.

Fugue shows life in full circle from my parent's abusing me, to my healing and then being

there for my daughter when she came home to heal from her childhood.  Fugue is about healing and not about blaming, revenge or getting even.  It's about understanding that no matter where we came from we can still have a quality life.  I lived to prove that.

Fawn Volkert from Papillon Libre reviews Fugue

Papillon Libre: Pronounced Pappy Own La Bray, French for Free Butterfly

Papillon Libre exist to stop the cycle of secrecy surrounding child molestation by raising awareness and advocating for victims and their loved ones.



I wrote Good-Bye Mom & Dad, a children's book for adults only,

                                           because there was a time when you were little, but never a child


My first repressed memory surfaced when I was forty-five.  I wrote a letter to my parents the evening I returned home after my first group therapy session for women who were sexually abused as children.  For the first time in my life I didn't feel crazy.  I read this letter everyday.  My words gave me strength as I began my healing.


After six months I started drawing pictures to go with my sentences.  My evolving letter comforted me and eventually I ended up with a sixty page picture book that speaks the

raw truth about growing up in a violent home where my spirit and innocence were stolen

from me.