Dody Johnson








         is an activist speaking out for children

        who can't speak out for themselves   


                  If it's against the law

                   outside the home,

              It's against the law inside.




                             Please call


                         if  you suspect a

                           child is being

                    abused or neglected.


                         This call can be

                      made anonymously.




Have you heard the expression, Tip of the Iceberg?  Here is a picture of an iceberg.  The 10 percent above the water is the tip and 90 percent of the iceberg is below the water line. 

Did you know that 10 percent of child molesters are strangers to the children they target and 90 percent of child molesters target their own children or children they know well. 

Did you know that the 10 percent who are strangers to the children they molest are not attracted to children sexually and rarely offend a second time.  The 90 percent who know the children they molest are attracted to children sexually and will continue molesting children for years.

Did you know that 97 percent of child molesters who go through treatment do not molest again?

Here is what The Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute had to say  . . . 

"To save the greatest number of children in the shortest possible time, we must turn the current focus of our efforts upside down.  Right now, 90 percent of our efforts go toward protecting our children from strangers, when what we need to do is to focus 90 percent of our efforts toward protecting children from the abusers who are not strangers, the molesters in their families and the molesters who are the friends of their families."


            A movement is making its way across our land with groups forming from coast to coast breaking the silence and encouraging the prevention of child abuse and molestation.  Today, in the United States we have 39 million adult survivors of childhood molestation saying, "The numbers are too large." 


            Let's break the silence and encourage the prevention of child sexual abuse by asking for speakers to come to our churches, our clubs, organizations, wherever we gather.  We need billboards and Public Service announcements helping to prevent child sexual abuse.


            We know from the testimonies both from victims and perpetrators that SILENCE makes abuse possible.